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I've been involved in music ministry since about 1976.  I started as a 19 year old soldier in Berlin, Germany.  I really wanted to do something for the Lord but didn't think I had anything to offer.  Then a friend from our Friday night fellowship, Fred Markert,  introduced me to the guitar and Christian music.  God showed me something I could do and since then, I've always been writing songs and singing about the incredible grace we have through Jesus. 

Mark Trethewey Through God's grace, my music has found it's way to radio and Internet stations worldwide.  You may have seen some of my TV appearances on 3ABN's Layman Ministries, SafeTV or maybe even your local TV station.

Over the years, I've released four CDs, “Wheatfields,” “Find A Place For The Lord,” “The Lord Is Near” and “Tell Me The Story.”  I've combined the two scripture song albums into a double CD now.  

Currently, I'm working on recording my my new album, "Angel In Disguise" which includes the title song, "Somewhere Across The Water" and "Veterans Song".  I've had so many requests for these songs and want to get them out sometime before I'm 75 or 80.  I hope to have it released by next winter.  

As a songwriter, it is my hope that what I write stays in people's minds and hearts.  My goal has always been to uplift people up through my music.  When they hear my songs, I want them to see pictures in their minds and to have a closer walk with Jesus.

Another project is the 2nd edition of my book, "Christ's Sanctuary".  It has been accepted in the school curriculum of the North pacific Union Conference over here in the USA and seems to be really taking off in some countries overseas, having been translated into the Urdu Language with the help of Sunil Joseph and Ashraf Yoqub.  I am amazed at the numerous Old Testament prophecies that have been fulfilled in the life of Christ.  His whole plan of salvation, in which He was the sacrificial Lamb of God, is spelled out in the symbolism of the sanctuary.  This book was written as a study guide for individuals or groups.  The larger book includes a paper model complete with illustrated instructions, which makes it more attractive for young people through a hands on learning experience.  

I've been blessed by feedback from around the world: Africa, India, Russia, Europe, Australia, South America, Pakistan and of course, the USA.  Thanks for all of your responses.  I read and cherish every one.  

God bless,

Mark Trethewey